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“VoC is arguably the most critical driver to your customer experience strategy. It provides the essential intelligence of your customers’ interests, needs, and discontents. VoC is critical to the customer experience strategy and design because it provides an unbiased viewpoint of what each unique customer experience really is like and empowers organizations to take a more targeted approach on where to strategically invest.”             (Accenture, A New Operating Model for Driving Customer Insight)

What VoC does for customers, VoE does for your people–identifying what really matters.

The big task of employee research is determining what matters–to you, your people and to the business. Converge Voice of the Employee (VoE) gives you the answer, providing the intelligence essential to your employee experience strategy of building better, happy, more productive workplaces.

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VoE is different from traditional employee survey research because it gives you;

  • Accuracy and reliability. VoE replaces tests of statistical significance with tests of material significance. Employee engagement surveys based on statistical significance are wrong about 90% of the time (false positive rate). It’s precisely the same approach used in The Bell Curve (the 1994 bestseller) to prove that blacks and aboriginals were intellectually inferior to whites. Is this the kind of analysis your people deserve? VoE is ethical employee engagement research that gets it right better than 99% of the time.
  • Understanding what people value. Value is the key to understanding requirements, motivations and behavior. Traditional engagement surveys ask what people want. You already know; they want it all, want it now and want it for free. The key to employee engagement is determining what really matters to people and that means value. That’s what VoE delivers.
  • Comprehensive data gathering. While surveys and focus groups comprise much our data gathering efforts, Converge can extend data gathering into your internal customer databases and even into social networks and websites.
  • Qualitative/Text analysis. VoE uses unbiased computer-based intelligence routines to mine qualitative/text data for the meaning behind the words. If your tired of long lists of verbatim statements, VoE’s concise analysis of what it ‘says’ ensures the real voice of the customer is heard.
  • Empowering the organization. Employee feedback is explicitly connected to service process or product design/redesign embedding the voice of the employee directly into your processes and organizational DNA.

Converge VoE tells you what matters to your people–what they value, and does so in a manner that provides a comprehensive, three-dimensional picture with unequaled accuracy and reliability.

Voice of the Employee (VoE)  represents a whole new world to the HR professional.

There is no better way to understand your employees and to respond to their needs and requirements. Replacing statistical significance tests with tests of material significance allows you to identify what actually matters to your employees and your business. Meaningful and sustainable strategies for change can be designed and implemented that will actually make a difference to the performance of people and the business.  Read more about VoE: A Whole New World for the HR Professional


Converge Voice of the Employee

Converge Consulting Group’s Voice of the Employee is the only fully analytic employee research program available in Canada. We have been conducting Voice of the Employee and only VoE research for over twenty years. No one matches our experience, expertise or technology.

Nor is any program as comprehensive. Converge VoE  maximizes the use of informational resources at your disposal, providing customer insights from front-line  field personnel to customers posting on social media sites to feedback from formal customer surveys. If you would like to learn more about just how comprehensive your customer research can be , click here to read about Converge Voice of the Employee.

Converge VoE Process Model

Converge’s Voice of the Employee model is based on The Shewart/Deming PDSA Cycle at the center of such technologies as Continuous Improvement, Lean and Six Sigma. This is not surprising. The PDSA Cycle is a model grounded in the scientific method, developed specifically for organizations where the goal of is not just to acquire knowledge, but to apply it for performance improvement.

Converge Voice of the Employee is an analytic research methodology designed to properly capture employee requirements for the specific purpose of driving change. This differentiates VoE from other employee research methodologies such as polling, that are only capable of describing existing conditions. To stay alive, business must do more than describe conditions, it must change existing conditions to improve performance.  <Read More on the Converge VoE Process>