Just how stupid can employee engagement get?

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Gallop Provides the Answer

One of our favorite conclusions from the land of stupid is provided by Aon/Hewett that, “20% of the organization’s employees create 80% of the value“.  Really? Well then, why not fire the remaining 80%?

Ooops. We meant that as a joke. Gallop took it seriously.

The latest edition of the Gallop Business Journal recommends firing the lowest performing quartile (25%) of managers as measured by the Gallop employee engagement metric. True, it isn’t 80% of your employees, but when practiced every year, you’ll get there soon enough.

The article is entitled: “Five Steps to Firing a Manager With a Disengaged Workgroup” . We recommend it highly for those curious on just how stupid the thinking on employee engagement can get. The Gallop program should do wonders for both engagement and staff turnover.

Here’s a better idea. Let’s fire those that think firing people on the basis of engagement scores will do anything to increase engagement.

May we suggest that if you want to raise your game and get your employee engagement program out of the stupid zone you give Converge Voice of the Employee a try. It opens up a whole new world for HR.


PS: Statistics students will also find the article instructional. Key learning points; How to Lie with Statistics through ranking, why half of everything is below average, the difference between causation and correlation, and the fallacy of the transposed conditional.



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